Marina Rosset



Marina Rosset is an independant animation filmmaker based in Switzerland.
She's studied at the ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, then graduated from the Lucerne School of Art and Design in 2007.
Since then she draws films.

as a director & animator:
2013 La Fille aux Feuilles
animation, oil pastel on paper and glass, mixed-media, 6 min.
2010 Laterarius
animation, drawing on paper, 4min.
2010 Last Minute (co-directed with Spela Cadez)
stopp-motion animation, puppet (shadow) and chalk on blackbaord, 2 min.
2008 La Main de l'Ours (the Bear's Hand),
animation, drawing on paper, 4 min
2007 Botteoubateau (Bottoobahtoh)
animation, drawing on paper, 3 min
2005 Après le Chat (After the Cat)
animation, drawing on paper, 4 min.

as animator only:
2014 Recycling (13 min, artistic Director: Paula Bristot)

as image editor (selection):
2013 Imposteur ! (6 min., dir. Elie Chapuis)
2012 Paulina su il Culm (mini-serie 7x1 min., dir. Carla Hitz)
2010 Das Mädchen und dem Jäger (5 min., dir. J. Kowalska)
2010 Mungge (6 min., regie A. Flückiger, C. Röthlin, I. Walthert)
2009 Mc. Guffin (3 min, dir. Mojgan Gallhagar)
2008 Kinder Im Mond (5 min., dir. U. Ulmi)
2008 Signalis (6 min., dir. A. Flückiger)
2007 Tôt ou Tard (6 min., dir. J. Kowalska)
2006 Birdy (4 min., dir. D. Furrer)
all are animated film.

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